MoBI Award 2017

MoBI Award 2017


The Brain Products MoBI Award is an annual award recognizing excellence in the field of Mobile Brain/Body Imaging research.

It will be presented for the first time at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the SPR (Society for Psychophysiological Research) in Vienna, Austria (October 11th - 15th).

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We are sorry, but submissions for the MoBI Award 2017 are no longer accepted. Submission for the MoBI Award 2018 will open in spring 2018.

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MoBI Society
The MoBI Society

If you are a researcher working in this area join the MoBI Society (

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MoBI Talk
Imaging Human Brain Activity in Motion

Mobile Brain/Body Imaging explained in 17 minutes – a TEDx Talk by Prof. Dr. Klaus Gramann.

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MoBI Publication
MoBI Publications

Here we present some MoBI related publications.

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